Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The MinistryTube Directory

A Directory of
Missions and Ministry
on YouTube

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*Updated 4/7/08

Mission Agencies and Ministries (56 Organizations)

Access Asia:

Bible League - Philipines:

Book of Hope International:

Campus Crusade (Northeast):

Christian Aid (UK):

COICOM 2007 (Spanish):

Compassion International:

Christian Children's Fund of Canada:

CRM Empowering Leaders:

ECLA Missions News:

Faith Comes by Hearing:

Finishing the Task:

Gleanings for the Hungry:

Global Infusion:

Global Missions Health Conference:

Gospel Communications:

HCJB Global:

HCJB Global - Brazil:

Hope International:

IBS-STL Global:

International Child Care USA:

International Christian Tennis Association:

International Teams:

Intervarsity Link:

Jews for Jesus:

Lutheran World Relief:

Mercy Ships:

Mission Aviation Fellowship - Canada:

Oasis World Ministries:

Operation Blessing:

Overland Missions:

Radio Kahuzi (DRC):

Rest Ministries:

Rivers of the World

Salvation Army Communications Bureau:

Samaritan's Purse:

Samaritan's Purse - Operation Christmas Child:

SIM International:


United Bible Society:

United Church of Christ:

United Methodist Church - General Board of Church and Society:

Urbana 06:

Urbana 06 Slum Track:

WEC International:

World Gospel Mission:

World Venture:

World Vision - Australia:

YWAM Australia - Reef to Outback:

YWAM Australia - Perth:

YWAM - Denver:

YWAM - Gleanings for the Hungry:


YWAM - San Diego/Baja:

YWAM - Hong Kong:

YWAM - Thailand:

People in Ministry (13)

Art Nickel - Salvation Army Videos:

Christine Caine

David Meckmier - Director of IT/Marketing for Teen Mania Canada:

Dick Davies - Communications Director from WEC International:

George Verwer - Vlog:

Guy Muse - IMB missionary in Ecuador:

Jeremy Maller - HCJB Global Technology Center:

John and Bess Russell

Martin Harrison - HCJB Global Missionary

Marty Jones - HCJB Global Technology Center:

Randall Niles -

Ryan Smith - Book of Hope International:

Ty Stakes - HCJB Global Missionary in Australia

Companies Serving Missions (12)

Baker Publishing:

Cooke Pictures:

Christianity Today:

Emerson Books (Emergent/Baker Books):

Fearless Films:

Media 7 Ministries:

Mission Network News

Mullins Media:

Seven Lampstands:

Remnant Publications:

The Chronicle Project:

Zondervan Books:


Videos by Professor Howdy said...

Thanks for posting these sites -
Hope to make use of them...

Professor Howdy said...

The web is really a great
way to reach the unchurched
with the Good News of Jesus

Brad and Lindsey Bridges said...

Jon, Could you add CAM to the list of ministries on youtube? If you just type in our org name on youtube you will find lots of videos.

thanks so much. this is a really great idea to put all these sites together in a directory.